Help Your Teeth Heal

Meet with a dentist in Brick, NJ about dental crowns

Dealing with a severely damaged or decayed tooth? Brick Dental Arts is available to help. Our dentist in Brick, NJ specializes in dental crowns. To help your tooth heal, we'll conduct a root canal to deep clean your tooth and remove the affected area. Once cleaned, we'll create a custom crown to cap off your tooth and protect it from further damage.

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We custom make dental crowns

If you need a tooth crown in Brick, NJ, meet with the trusted dentist at Brick Dental Arts. We make the process as simple as possible for all of our patients. When you choose us, you can depend on us to:

  • Remove all damaged portions of your tooth to promote healing and create space to make an impression of your tooth
  • Send your impression to the lab and place a temporary crown
  • Create a permanent crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth

You'll return for a second visit for us to remove the temporary crown and place the permanent crown.

Contact Brick Dental Arts today to discuss dental crowns with a local dentist.