Protect Your Smile With Dental Implants

Ask about our implant dentistry services in Brick, NJ

Would you like to fill in the gaps in your smile? Reach out to Brick Dental Arts. We offer a range of implant dentistry services at our Brick, NJ office. Some common examples of dental implants include crowns, fixed bridges and dentures. These implants are designed to strengthen your mouth and jaw while improving the look of your smile.

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Are you a good candidate?

Brick Dental Arts in Brick, NJ specializes in dental implants. Whether you need help with a single tooth or your entire mouth, you can count on us to help. We know implant dentistry can have a significant impact on your smile and confidence.

To undergo a dental implant procedure, you must:

  • Have enough bone volume and gum thickness at the implant site
  • Be healthy enough to undergo minor dental surgical procedures
  • Not smoke or stop smoking to protect the integrity of the crown

If you meet these requirements, our dentist will be able to help enhance your smile with customized dental implants.

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