Could Dentures Improve Your Smile?

Speak with a dentist in Brick, NJ about partial dentures

If most or all of your teeth have fallen out or been removed, dentures might be the best option to restore your smile. Dentures are custom dental devices that have the look and feel of real teeth. The dentist at Brick Dental Arts has helped many patients in Brick, NJ with partial dentures and conventional dentures.

You can depend on us to keep your mouth strong and your smile bright with custom dentures. Call us at 732-920-1188 now to schedule a denture consultation with a trusted dentist.

Types of dentures we create

If you need dentures, speak with our Brick, NJ dentist today. We have an in-office dental lab at Brick Dental Arts designed to help us create your custom dentures the day of your procedure.

We should be your top choice for dentures because we:

  • Create immediate dentures custom-made for you in our lab
  • Can assist with partial dentures that will fill in gaps left by missing teeth
  • Design conventional dentures to replace or improve your existing dentures

Don't choose just any dentist to assist with your dentures. Contact Brick Dental Arts today for more information about the full and partial dentures we install.