Restore Natural Color to Your Teeth

Learn about your teeth whitening options in Brick, NJ

Hiding your yellow, stained teeth is exhausting. If you're ready to start smiling again, get in touch with Brick Dental Arts today. We're home to a leading teeth whitening dentist in Brick, NJ. No matter how discolored your teeth might be, you can depend on us to make them shine like new in no time.

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Common causes of tooth discoloration

Brick Dental Arts has helped many individuals improve their smiles with teeth whitening service. Our Brick, NJ dentist can help restore teeth that have been discolored by:

  • Coffee, red wine or other foods with strong colorings
  • Smoking or tobacco use
  • Age or poor dental habits
  • Antibiotics

Not every patient is a great candidate for teeth whitening. Contact Brick Dental Arts today to see if our teeth whitening service can help your smile.

Choose our teeth whitening dentist

Your smile is one of your most important attributes. We get that. To help you make sure your smile always looks its best, the dentist at Brick Dental Arts in Brick, NJ offers a variety of in-office and at-home teeth whitening services, including:

  • External whitening: Our dentist will coat your teeth with a whitening gel that, when combined with a specialized light, can brighten your teeth in as little as two hours.
  • Internal whitening: If you've had a root canal, our dentist will create a small opening on a tooth and place a small cotton pellet with a specialized whitening solution inside of your teeth. After a week, we'll check the coloring and remove the swab. For optimal results, we recommend multiple treatments.
  • At-home whitening: Our dentist will make an impression of your teeth and use it to create a custom tray that can hold whitening solution against your teeth. In most cases, this treatment lasts one to three weeks.

It is important to note that teeth whitening isn't for everyone. If you'd like to learn more about the services offered by our teeth whitening dentist, contact Brick Dental Arts today.